AppyThings & SMT launch ‘Digital Turbo Engine’

AppyThings & SMT launch ‘Digital Turbo Engine’

Zoetermeer – June 13, 2018 – As of today SMT and AppyThings are launching a new service in the Benelux, the ‘Digital Turbo Motor’, to speed up and simplify the digitization of organizations. With the ‘Digital Turbo Motor’, organizations can provide data from applications like APIs in a flexible way, while the complete application landscape with all data is visible in one centralized location. The ‘Digital Turbo Engine’ integrates an API Management platform with the Splunk platform. SMT and AppyThings arrange the licenses, onboarding and development of both platforms, as well as the monitoring & support. Everything is managed via one contract and one single point of contact to simplify the process of digitization for your organization.


Digital transformation is moving through organizations like a tornado. We continuously create new technologies, discover new use cases and need to adapt to the rules of the game that change permanently. In order to keep providing business value, embracing DevOps, Security, Application Development & Business Analytics is crucial. However, that is not easy.

A combination of partners with the proper mix of experience, knowledge and expertise helps to accelerate digital transformation. SMT and AppyThings have combined their most important services in the ‘Digital Turbo Engine’, for organizations to adopt digital transformation with peace of mind.


About SMT

SMT makes big data intelligible for your organization. They provide autonomous advice about the possibilities, application and strategic use of this data. Valuable information from diverse data sources is displayed in clear dashboards. SMT gives you real-time access to your data. They proactively support the transformation and translation of data into information that is valuable to our clients, always in an innovative and sophisticated manner with up-to-date knowledge. In the field of Big Data Analytics, SMT is the leading and strategic business partner for large organizations in the Benelux.


About AppyThings

AppyThings is all about creating value with API Management, Blockchain and the integration of Internet of Things. Use cases are: facilitating the migration from on premise to cloud, making the IT application landscape more Agile, personalizing the user experience through all channels and creating new revenue models. AppyThings is a proud partner of Apigee (Google), SAP and Microsoft. Since 2014 AppyThings makes digital transformation real for various organizations in Belgium, Luxembourg and abroad. Call or email AppyThings for a free introductory meeting.


13 June 2018


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