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Business Model Innovation

API Strategy

You are losing business, have a need for a new way of generating revenue, want to innovate to change your image, et cetera. Whatever your reason is, with Business Model Innovation we can help you to find your new path. We help you to set up this path by preparing your entire business in the new way of API working. Also, we help you with selecting the right tools to do so.

Not only your SAAS will be agile, but your business too

Everyone aids the transformation of your business

You work with a platform that suits your business best.

Faster innovation by having us build your APIs

APIs that are always secure according to your needs

Experts available for as long as you need them

Execution of innovation

Building APIs

If you know where you want and/or need to go with your business, we can help you to get there faster. With our years of experience we build APIs like no other. Invest all of your time and effort into your  business, while we speed up the buidling and innovation of it.


Sharing knowledge

Training your people

It is always good to have knowledge yourself. Whether you develop or outsource everything, it’s your business and you need to know what’s going on! We arrange training sessions for your people about the business part of APIs, Blockchain and IoT, the development part, the Architecture part or the management part.

You are in control because you know how it’s done

Always have knowledge in what's happening in your organization

Quicker innovation because everyone knows what they’re doing

Never lose business because of malfunctions

Keep your customers satisfied

Know your business thanks to detailed analytics

Hand over to Operations

Keep your business going, always

When you and your users depend on your IT for your innovations, it’s crucial to keep all systems and processes running. We hand over developed APIs to our monitoring & support affiliate, AppyRuns or to your own support department. We’ll work 24/7 or whenever you want to keep your APIs and related systems up and running.


Use cases

Internal Innovation

You have multiple systems from multiple vendors and your processes go through more than one of these systems. You slow down your business because of internal inefficiency. We make sure your systems can exchange data and make this available for your applications. You gain time, effort and the best part: you can reuse these connections.

Open Innovation

Why do everything yourself? Countless of other organizations have proven that when providing others with your data, innovation moves the fastest. Logical! Who has more developers at their disposal? You? Or the rest of the world? Have a hackathon and grow your business.

Partnered Innovation

When working together with other companies (whether by choice or necessity), it’s important to collaborate and exchange data. If your customer experiences anything but a fluent collaboration they will have a less positive experience. We make it safe for you to have selected others access your systems and use your data to strengthen your collaboration.

Internet of Things

Everything can generate data nowadays. This data can be beneficial for you as well for third parties. They don’t say ‘sharing is caring’ for nothing. Know your business and know where improvements are needed to have your business running at it’s best.

Together we achieve more

That’s why we combined forces with some of the leading players in the API field.


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