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Electricity, natural gas, water company

It is a national sport to talk and complain about the weather.

The weather remains unpredictable, but as an energy, gas or water company APIs can be used to make your services more customer friendly. Some examples:

  • APIs that monitor energy consumption and waste of energy. With the available data, the standard consumption can be recorded and compared. By combining the data on the consumption of gas, electricity, water and other relevant factors you can provide your business and retail customers with tailored advice or savings
  • APIs for the communication between electricity providers and network operators to reduce peak loads in the power grid, postpone or even turn load off in case of extreme weather (in case of a heat wave or cold front)
  • Social Media APIs for active instead of reactive notifications of a disruption in service and status updates on the inidividual social media pages of your customers. Other possibilities are the involvement of interest groups and other stakeholders around the world to discuss environmental issues
  • APIs for all smart sensors in the electricity, gas, water network to monitor information and distribute the information automatically to the right departments within your organization

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