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Travel & Transportation

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Travel & Transportation

With Travel and Transportation we mean: airlines, airports, rental cars companies, travel agencies but also freight, distribution and transportation. The list is far from complete as there are many more companies in this sector. Let's look at some possibilities to use APIs:

  • Location APIs that make use of the GPS function of the mobile to search for hotels within a certain distance of the user. For freight companies (transportation and distribution) location APIs can be used for route planning or adapting routes due to changes in traffic or road blockings by combining the phone's GPS with route navigation APIs
  • Car rental APIs to monitor the location of the vehicle, its performance and the diagnostic data of the car engine. An app can provide automatic alerts in case of extreme driving (speeding, rapid acceleration etc.) but also necessary maintenance of a vehicle or unauthorized use

It is even possible to expand the market and provide a better customer experience with third-party APIs. Consider linking frequent flyer programs with businesses, restaurants and Retail shops so your customers can earn or use your loyalty points there.

Airlines can work with airports in the case of delays or cancellations. APIs can recognize that a flight is delayed and communicate it to car rental companies, hotels, etc. (to each organization that is included in the itinerary of the customer on the arrival date of a flight).

The possibilities are endless to tap new sources of revenue using your data sources. Do not wait! Start today with transforming your business model. We are here to help.

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