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Use case API Management

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  • API Management

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  • Big Data

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Apigee customer:

Swisscom as a Telecom example for API Management


Telecom providers have to deal with to major trends:

  • Declining revenues and profits for the delivery of core services (e.g. voice and messaging)
  • Strong competition from IT and software companies

In the light of these threats to the business model Telecom providers should look for their added value maybe even for a new ecosystem to operate in. Embracing API technology is a necessary first step to compete in this highly competitive market.

API technology makes it possible to unleash the potential of key assets Telecoms currently own but are unable to safely connect to the outside world.

An API program that allows internal and external developers to develop powerful apps that make use of the telecom provider’s network based services is a first step. Think of messaging APIs, payment APIs with OAuth or a network traffic API that allows application to use mobile network data.

You can even think of a meta-identity system that allows a telecom provider to operate as a trusted third party. This can only be realized cost-efficiently by making use of a safe and powerful API management platform.

The possibilities to tap into new revenue streams are endless if existing key assets are leveraged accordingly. Start today by exploring opportunities and innovate your business model. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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