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Program Management API & IoT

Program management

(for APPs, APIs, Big Data & Internet of Things)

Setting up an API or Internet of Things Program

Congratulations you have been given approval to create a digital business platform, but what's next? Depending on the size and complexity of the change Program Management can help. Where a project aims to achieving a certain result, a Program aims to realise a complete (business) goal.

A Program Manager provides clarity and answers questions like:

  • Which business goals am I fulfilling using APIs and Internet of Things?
  • Which business as well as IT expertise and skills do I need?
  • With whom can I collaborate (inside and outside your organization)?
  • What activities should be done?
  • What planning is feasible?
  • What budget is needed to achieve the goals?
The program manager ensures consistency and provides commitment and decision making. Do you want to know if the program approach is suitable for your organization? AppyThings helps you determine the best approach and supports your decision making.

Setting up Program Management for API and IoT
Programmamanagement uitvoeren

Executing an API or Internet of Things Program

The next step is the implementation of your Program to achieve your business goals in a controlled and time phased manner. During the execution of this phase, a program manager typically performs the following activities:

  • Setting up an effective program organization
  • Keep focus on the achievement of business goals
  • Managing the various activities and stakeholders
  • Communicate, maintain commitment and enforce decisions
  • Keep control on finances and report on progress
  • Communicate but also celebrate successes
Conducting Program Management is a specialized trade. Let us help you to make your program successful.

Assess existing Programs

Already have an API program or an Internet of Things program running and noticing that things are not going well. Existing methods fail, it is unclear who is doing what and you do not know whether you are achieving your Business goals?

Time for a health check! Let us assess your existing Program and to help you get your program back on track quickly.

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Curious to know how we can help you? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free intake, to get acquainted so that we can customize our offering to your situation.

Assess an existing API Program or Internet of Things Program

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