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Successful IT Delivery

(APPs, APIs, Big Data & Internet of Things)

Development of APPs

At AppyThings, we belief that developing an app is serious business. You might think that app programming presents the biggest problem for app developers. However marketing your app, making it a success in the app marketplace is another big hurdle that is often overlooked.

We are proud that we are able to not only talk the walk but also walk the talk. With our experienced app developers and business implementation managers we are able to develop, test and implement your app, fulfilling your business goals.

Apps for iOS, Android and Windows
Apigee API Management

SAP API Management

API the corner stone of your new digital business platform

Introducing an easier way to share digital assets and processes with developer communities. API Management simplifies access to your systems, allowing developers to quickly and safely connect with your enterprise data and back-end services. You can bring new products to your customers faster and seamlessly scale up to serve high volumes of customers.

When you accelerate innovation and bring new products to the market fast you do not want to compromise the product’s quality and service. At AppyThings we feel the same. We chose apigee and SAP API Management as the best of breed API Management solution. We are proud to be the implementation partner for apigee and SAP for API Management in the BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg).

Digital Acceleration Powered by Data

Your app is only as good as your data! Proper data management within your organization and the availability of the data for APIs and apps is key. Unlock the power of data. Anticipate and adapt to the needs of individual customers with predictive analytics that power adaptive apps and APIs. In order to create a great and personalized customer experience.

We have experience with various data (management) solutions. Our preference goes out to Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

APIs powered by Data

APIs delivered by apps

Watch to learn more about Internet of Things (IoT)

Delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

At AppyThings our nature is to be one step ahead of the game... always! We deliver solutions for Internet of Things using Zetta® as an API-first Internet of Things Platform.

Zetta is an open source platform build on Node.js for creating Internet of Things servers that run across geo-distributed computers and in the cloud. Zetta combines REST APIs, WebSockets and reactive programming – perfect for engaging many devices for data-intensive, real-time applications.

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