Merlin Creatives and AppyThings team up!

The Hague, Amsterdam, april 2015 Merlin Creatives and AppyThings join forces on API Management. Both companies started with the thought that the consumer should be the central point when advising organizations on the field of Digital Transformations. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is a strong, unified brand-experience for the connected customer. The importance of API Management is still growing in the Digital Transformation by the adaptation of customer behavior in a much more rapid pace. This means that linking of logistic, financial and marketing (database) systems should also go faster and easier to keep meeting the needs and expectations of the connected customer. 

Mark Stadhouders, Founder en Director partnerships Merlin Creatives:

We are thrilled about this collaboration. We're building Merlin Creatives as a network organization and select partnerships that supplement our cross-channel communication. AppyThings with API Management is a logical addition to our service package. Merlin will put their knowledge of cross-channel communication to use in this collaboration. The technology of Apigee/SAP together with the services of AppyThings creates possibilities to use different digital channels to address customers. Merlin develops linked customer databases, customervalue models and cross-channel customer journeys. This results in a stronger brandexperience and higher customer value.

Anthony Doerga, Founder en CEO AppyThings:

Digital Transformation requires a different approach of entrepreneur and reviewing business models. We have a strong focus on our core-activities: Business Model Innovation, IT Architecture en IT Delivery based on API Management. For other activities we make new partnerships. Merlin Creatives, as a specialist in Customer Journeys, and AppyThings supplement each others proposition perfectly. Do what you're good at and make sure that you can provide for your customers even better! We're in to that!


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