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Use case API Management

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  • API Management

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  • Big Data

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More and more mobile apps enter the market. Many of these apps require access to your company data and systems and the best way to make this possible is APIs.

As a health services provider every device, app or connection offers you insights that help you improve existing services or add new services. APIs are not the ultimate cure but definitely a pain reliever. For example:

  • APIs that allow clients to find doctors/specialists, get insight into waiting time for treatment, check symptoms, plan appointments, locate health services locations in the vicinity, allow camera usage to instantly add image material to client files
  • APIs that provide communications between client and family and friends. APIs that schedule and manage visits during visiting hours. APIs that connect clients suffering from the same illness allowing them to share and care, offering a new experience in health care
  • APIs that allow for safer prescriptions, distribution and use of medicines, taking into account personal circumstances and aligning to personal schedules as much as possible
  • APIs that allow you to learn what customers think about your products and services and give insight in preferred communication channel within your organization. APIs that identify follow-up opportunities to bring new medical products and services of your organization or third parties to the attention of the customer.

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