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Business Model Innovation & Hackathon

Business Model Innovation & Hackathon

Innovate your Business model

Our rapidly changing world offers tremendous opportunities for businesses to grow. A clear vision and understanding of your business context and business model are required to make the right choices for the future.

Embracing new technologies in itself is not enough to get ahead of your competition. It all starts with understanding who you are as a business and where you want to be.

Working on the Business model

AppyThings will co-create your (new) business model with you. We start with your vision, ambitions and values to align you and your team making sure the right foundation is in place from the start.

We will determine your potential customers and value proposition looking for the best fit. Depending on your challenges we will dive deeper into specific topics such as your business context, competitors and the customer journey.

The resulting business model will be a foundation guiding next steps to build the future.

Innovate your business model
Re-discover your customers and value propositions

Validate your value proposition

Validate your Value Proposition

Do not waste time on costly product innovations that nobody cares about. You can prevent disappointment and wasting a lot of money if you expose your innovations to the outside world early on in the process and in a controlled manner.

It makes sure you test product-market fit. Build in advance your value proposition for actual customers who are willing to pay for your new products and services (maybe even before they are officially launched).

Learning by doing

AppyThings helps you learn faster than your competitors by going through experiments that help you better understand customer needs and sharpen your value proposition. We will involve customers and other stakeholders early on in the process.

Starting with a minimal viable product we will work towards a working solution that has proven its value. Once we have validated the product-market fit we will be happy to help you set up the required organization to deliver your product to the masses.

Digitally transform your Business

It is clear that technology is a major driver for your rapidly changing business environment. You see competitors taking steps to tame the digital beast and strengthen their value propositions and customer relationship.

You need to move. But where to start and what to do?

Digital opportunity assessment & roadmap

AppyThings helps you explore opportunities. We take into account what the latest technology has to offer for your business in your market. We identify quick wins and propose a roadmap with long term digital strategies to help you become a digital leader.

Digitally transform your Business
Watch to learn more about a hackathon

One hackathon to multiple hackathons

It is difficult not to experience some kind of bias when working inside a company for a longer period of time. Even the ideas of the most open minded inside the company will converge pure because of the interaction with co-workers, corporate communications and the hassles of day-to-day jobs.

Hackathons are an effective & safe way to spark new insights and open up new frontiers for your business. Invite developers, creatives, project managers and others who have a strong desire to play and experiment. Explore, experiment, do crazy stuff, see what works!

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