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Business-IT Architecture


(for your Business & IT)

The necessity of a thorough architecture

The IT landscape nowadays is extensive and complex. It is of great importance to think carefully on how users, processes and systems interact with each other and how they develop. It ensures that your organization can move with the market at the pace dictated by the market.

An architecture is so much more than a description of how systems interact with each other. It all starts with a clear formulation of your business needs. Then cross the bridge to the processes and information. To determine the right applications and technology. Ending with a clear roadmap formulating the right path to follow.

Business & IT architecture
DYA methodology for architecture

Methodology Dynamic Enterprise Architecture (DYA)

We believe in the DYA approach as it is developed by Sogeti. Within this approach we are a strong advocate of the Just in Time principles which entails:

  • Business: where does your organization stand and how do you want to market your products & services
  • Processes: which primary and secondary processes are required to market your products & services
  • Information: which information do I need and are we talking about the same definitions. Also: am I allowed or can I use the information
  • Applications: which building blocks do I need to process the information rightfully to support the processes. What is best: one large system or multiple smaller applications?
  • Technology: how do I ensure that my front end systems keep running 7x24 while still being able to double capacity instantly if required

Several questions for an Architect to handle in conjunction. Not to deep and not to shallow but Just in Time to keep the Agile teams on speed.

Architectural challenge "Breaking the 1000 ms mobile barrier"

Every challenge can be solved with Tailored Architectuur

With our experience in banking systems and mobile technology we are able to ask the right questions to quickly identify and classify business critical systems to back end systems.

Flexibility is key, so for a proof of concept for example we can work without architecture for a little while. If your motto is "First Time Right" AppyThings is right partner for you.

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