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Use case API Management

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Architecture
  • API Management

  • APP
  • API
  • Big Data

  • Internet of Things
  • Connected Car

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Imagine this: millions lines of code moving at 90 mph! Coming years the continuing application of technology in cars will be the norm for the automotive industry (car manufacturers, car dealers and leasing companies).

APIs are the glue connecting car data with new user applications for the Connected Car. For example:

  • Use APIs to make available, like in retail, your product catalogue, product details, available accessories, manuals, dealer network information, service locations and available stock, prices for occasions, etc.
  • APIs that add to the car experience, by providing insight in car maintenance, display reminders for service, communicate recall operations or communicate resale value and possible replacement cars or bargains in case customers want or need to change vehicle
  • APIs for leasing companies offering insights and analytics into fuel consumption, cost of ownership and driving behavior. Enabling leasing companies to incentivize good and environmental friendly driving behavior
  • Combine APIs to combine third party data with own data. Offer clients instant real time roadside assistance, make available pay-per-drive rentals, offer insight in the availability of parking lots or use data to improve fleet management altogether

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