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Accelerate business results in the digital
world with the purpose-built API platform
Business moves fast, APIs move faster
Digital acceleration:
Powered by Data, delivered by APIs
predictive analytics that power adaptive APPs & APIs
Unlock the power of data
Anticipate & adapt to the needs of your customers with

Business Model Innovation

(re)Inventing your Business

You are losing Business and need to move fast. But where to start & what to do? Start with Business Model Innovation!

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For your Business & IT

For the right Business & IT Architecture that describes how the organization needs to operate and which IT is required

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API Program Management

Set up, Run & Assess

We help organizations set up and run API Programmes or assess current API Programmes running in your organization

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Successful IT Delivery

APP, API, Big Data & IoT

IT enables transformation! We deliver integrated solutions with APPs, APIs, Big Data & Internet of Things

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Maintaining your precious digital business platform

Want to keep your Business APIs up to date?

Of course, you do. But, managing your API or IoT infrastructure can be challenging. Resources with the right skill set and more importantly business mind set are scarce.

Still, you want to rely on your infrastructure to deliver your Business promise always. With our maintenance contracts AppyThings offers Business & IT continuity for your organization.

What We Offer You

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Availability of skilled resources
  • Most competitive rate available
Maintaining your API and IoT infrastructure

Use Cases

APPs, APIs, Big Data & IoT

Curious to learn the possibilities of APPs, API, Big Data and Internet of Things for your organization?

See our use cases:

What are APIs?

How can APIs help my Business?

Have you ever used a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook app or bought anything online? If the answer is “yes” to any of these, you’re already benefiting from APIs. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the foundation on which the digital economy is built.

APIs for Dummies demystifies APIs, going beyond the acronym to help you understand their strategic significance, as well as providing insight into how they can help your business to:

  • Use APIs as the foundation for your digital business platform
  • Meet rising customer expectations across multiple channels
  • Spur innovation, both internally and externally

Accelerate your Business with APIs. Download APIs for Dummies now for free.

We are passionate about API Management

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